Visala Tharusi is a Half-Orc former Paladin currently employed by the Exceptional Cleavage Adventuring Company.


Visala Tharusi was born in the year 979 AE in Jadetiger City, Aorous. His mother was Tomoga Tharusi, a caretaker in the Jadetiger Temple of Kord. Visala never knew his father.

From an early age he was trained in battle tactics and formal education. The battle tactics and combat came easily to Visala, the rest of his education less so, though he did show a basic acumen in healing skills. With these skills, Visala was chosen to join the Paladins Order when he was 13.

He progressed easily through the training, becoming an Avowed Paladin at the age of 16. He remained a member of the order for 7 years, eventually rising to lead his own company, the 13th Legion of Korgul, at the age of 19. Unfortunately for Visala, this is where he reached his peak.

None of the elders in the Order wanted an Orc as a prominent member, so he was passed over for promotions time and again in favor of less skilled Human warriors. After one of these times, when a particularly unskilled brother named Tomas Narder was picked over him, Visala confronted the Council of Elders. After pleading his case to no avail, Visala, frustrated by the answers he recieved, left the Order and the city and now avoids Jadetiger City as much as possible and leaves at the first opportunity if he is forced to go there.