Erion Delworth.


Physical Characteristics:

Race: Deva

Class: Avenger

Sex: Male

Age: Unknown

Body build: Medium

Height: 6'0''

Weight: 160Lbs

Birth location: Unknown

Parents: Unkown

Alignment: Torm


Erion keeps to himself and is generally very reclusive, keeping a look out for his group and assisting in anyway possible. He tends to try and keep a level head about things and live one day at a time. Well tempered and well mannered he is easy to get along with just do not try and dig up his past or you may see a side that isn't quiet what you would expect.

Known Information:

Erion Delworth, A Deva from Nineflame City ; Orphaned as a newborn and abandoned by his parents for reasons still unknown. Taken in by a order of Avengers inside the walls of Nineflame City and trained in there ways of combat and techniques, excelling in his studies he quickly rose to be a star pupil of his order as he grew in age. Erion doesn't speak much on his past other then to say that he was praised and shunned by some within his order due to jealousy and that he left the order on his own accord. After leaving the order Erion has kept to himself, not speaking much, but always wary of those around him and protective of the ones he holds close. Under the tough exterior, usually covered by a face mask to hide the scars of his past that linger on his face, he keeps a close vigilant eye on his surroundings. After leaving his order Erion decides to sign up to an adventuring guild called "Exceptional Cleavage" to escape his past and move on with his life but the past is always on his mind. Now, with this new group he has grown found of them, always keeping a close eye and looking out for the others even though they may not necessarily know this about him. At the current moment Erion takes life one step at a time doing each adventure after another every day trying to escape his past and the horrible events that lead him to this very moment.

Full backstory:

Unknown at this current time - Continue for more information.