View of the Market District of Ashearth

Ashearth City is one of the three major cities on the continent of Aorous. It is the wealthiest and most technologically advanced city in the known world.


The city was originally founded over 2000 years ago as the major center of a Githzerai empire. The original name of the city and the names of its founder have been lost over the centuries. It was abandoned by the Githzerai approximately 1000 years ago during the Rift of the Gith after a massive eruption of the nearby volcano. It stayed abandoned for nearly 250 years before it was rediscovered by a mining company from Jadetiger City. Within 50 years it had been restored to most of its former glory and renamed Ashearth City by the leader of the original colonists, a Dwarf named Eyvir Siski, due to the ground in and around the city being so saturated with volcanic ash.


Ashearth CIty is run by a CIty Council which is made up of the heads of the various guilds in the CIty. The council vote one member to be the Guildmaster and that person is the nominal Head of State for Ashearth. Currently the Guildmaster is a young Dwarf named Ener Gamal, who is the head of the Engineers Guild, continuing the rule of the Engineers Guild which has been the head of the Guild Council for 37 years consecutively. The current member guilds are the Engineers Guild, Crafters Guild, Merchants Guild, University Guild, Carpenters Guild, Military Guild, and Prison Guild

Historical FiguresEdit

Eyvir Saski- Modern Founder

Erem Reder- Inventor of the Airship

Lai Hao-Sa- FIrst Pilot to complete flight between two cities